Autistic, award-winning educator, researcher and founder of Autistic PhD

Meet Erika Sanborne

Erika Sanborne

Personal Connection to Autism

I am autistic & ADHD (AuDHD).

Professional Bio

Erika Sanborne (she/they) is a math and psychological science educator who has been in the classroom for over two decades. She does regular faculty consulting on course design and pedagogy, most often related to accessibility, creating an engaging learning environment, and broadly how to do right by students sustainably.

Erika is a disabled US veteran for peace, an ordained UCC clergyperson, a disability justice advocate, and a population health and policy researcher.

Additionally, she is currently a PhD Candidate in Sociology at the University of Minnesota, anticipating defense of her dissertation in 2024. Her ongoing research is looking at population well-being and sustainable development, disaggregating data, and figuring out who is being left behind when nation states purport that all is well.

More About the Author

Mostly, I am so grateful for my life that it's ridiculous. On top of my gratitude list is that I somehow, despite profound clumsiness, stumbled into marrying the most perfectly suited person in the world for me. Our relationship makes its way into many posts on the Autistic PhD social media channels, where we are are often told that we are "relationship goals" for many. This echoes what we have heard over the years in our personal lives as well.

And I love that we can help people by sharing what we have, so we'll continue to do that. In 2024, Rachael will be offering a private group on facebook for spouses of neurodivergent folks who want a place to talk with her as the moderator specifically. Follow Autistic PhD on FB to link into that.

This AutisticPhD project was born from a collective response to the many questions I am asked about autism, ADHD, the neurodiversity perspective, and disability. So many people turn to me for explanations of things - because I'm a professor, because I'm clergy, because I'm a researcher, etc.

So! This website is a growing resource. Subscribe to the newsletter. Follow us on social media. We've got more expert authors in the pipeline as well. Stay tuned. Welcome!

We had a nice, low-key wedding ceremony among friends. We were stood up by a wedding photographer, so we didn't get any photos except this one which I digitally restored courtesy of the latest software advances. I see so much love in this photo. I hope you do too, and that you come to smile as we share more of us with you here.

a very happy day wedding pic
Image description: Joyful photo of Erika (left) and Rachael at their wedding, holding hands and flowers, smiling