Protector from squirrels, thoughtful companion and co-observer of the people

Meet Morgan the Dog


Personal Connection to Autism

I live with an autistic person who really gets me.

Professional Bio

Morgan the Dog is a mixed breed good dog from a discovery of abandoned puppies under a porch in Kentucky, who found their way up to a rescue in Minnesota in 2018. He has lived with his Mommy and Erika since he was ten weeks old.

Initially, the plan was for Morgan to become a therapy dog who would accompany Erika on chaplain visits where she worked as a corporate float chaplain for multiple senior living communities in Minnesota. Alas, his nature and that role were not a good fit, so Morgan has no formal work outside the home.

More About the Author

The most fun times of my life are when my Mommy and Erika take me in my bus all around the country to meet all the people's dogs, and go for walks in all the parks and smell new things. We go to many different Somewheres when we travel in our bus. I like every somewhere! I also have now been to the beach, which is much bigger than the giant water dish in my backyard. I hunt for crabs at the beach.

I have so many great pictures of my Mommy and me, but I also like this picture of Erika and me. When Erika is in the giant water dish? I steal her towel. I do. I take it and run.

dogs steal towels from people in pools
Image description: Morgan the Dog is standing next to the pool, Erika is in the pool, and they are looking at each other with mutual suspicion.